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Elections announced for 18 November

30 September 2013 Leave a comment

His Imperial Majesty the Emperor has announced that a General and a Local Election will take place on 18 November later this year.

All subjects of the Empire will be permitted to vote for the new Prime Minister, and for their local Representatives. Although General and Local Elections do not have to coincide, they also did so on the last time they were held, 23 December 2011.

A General Election must take place at least every four years, and a Local Election must take place at least every two years. The Monarch has the power to call both kinds of election, but the Prime Minister has the power to call a General Election should they wish.

Lord Marshal William has been Acting Prime Minister since his predecessor ascended the Throne in January as Emperor Jonathan I. It is thought that the Lord Marshal will run in the General Election, although no formal applications for candidacy have yet been made. Only Representatives or Acting Representatives can run for Prime Minister, but must be approved by the Monarch to do so. The Monarch must approve at least two Representatives.

The following is a timeline of how events will play out:

  • 30 September: From this date, any willing Representatives may apply to be approved as Candidates for the General Election by the Emperor.
  • 21 October: The period in which Representatives can apply to become Candidates ends. The Emperor must have approved at least two Candidates by this date. The official campaigning period for the General Election begins.
  • 28 October – 4 November: Any willing residential subject (or residents which fulfil the criteria of the Resident Representatives Act 2011) may publicly announce that they are standing for Representative of their Town. After this period, no new candidates for Representative may stand.
  • 4 November – 18 November: The official campaigning period for the Local Election.
  • 18 November: The General and Local Election. Every subject of the Empire may vote for one of the Candidates to become Prime Minister, and every residential subject may vote for one of those standing to be elected Representative of their Town. Votes are sent to the Monarch and the Secretary-General to be counted and verified.
  • 19 November: The results are announced and the victors of the election take office.

Five years of independence celebrated

21 September 2013 2 comments

The Austenasian Star flying from the Imperial Residence earlier today.

The fifth anniversary of the Austenasian Declaration of Independence is being celebrated across the Empire with a three-day-long public holiday.

The actual anniversary of Austenasia’s founding was Friday 20th, but Independence Day is celebrated today (21st) on the third Saturday of September. His Imperial Majesty the Emperor announced last weekend that a public holiday would be held over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 22nd in celebration of this milestone.

Emperor Jonathan I returned home to Wrythe from Roehampton University yesterday on the 20th, having spent the afternoon at Thanasia with Countess Eritoshi of Memphis on the way back. The Emperor appointed her to the ceremonial rank of Augusta by an Imperial Edict, granting her the style of Imperial Highness and making her second only to himself in the order of precedence in the Empire.

This morning, Independence Day was marked in New South Scotland with a parade by its Constabulary, an organisation founded by Governing Commissioner Haakon Lindström to enforce law in the Crown Dependency. The celebration was concluded with Mr. Lindström having drinks with the members of the Constabulary.

Celebrations continued as Jonathan I this evening accompanied Crown Princess Caroline, Emperor Father Terry and Emperor Mother Margaret to a quiz night at Carshalton Methodist Church with a fish and chips supper, joined by Lord Marshal William and the population of Zephyria and by Lord Michael, Dame Rosalind and Lady Catherine of the Boxall family (the family of the Emperor Mother).

Tomorrow, the final day of the independence anniversary holiday, looks set to be a more relaxed day, with no major celebrations planned.

The Emperor moves into Roehampton University

16 September 2013 2 comments

Emperor Jonathan I in his new room at Roehampton before his belongings were unpacked.

His Imperial Majesty the Emperor yesterday moved into accommodation at the University of Roehampton.

Emperor Father Terry and Emperor Mother Margaret helped Jonathan I to unpack his belongings in the en suite room he now lives in, located in the Digby Stuart College of the university. The university is located just over 6 miles away from Wrythe, which the Emperor plans to visit every few weeks.

The Emperor shares the floor which his room is on with six other people. Although each room has its own bathroom, there is a shared kitchen area.

After moving into the university yesterday, Jonathan I today attended talks given to those in the Humanities Department before having lunch and spending the afternoon with Countess Eritoshi, who is also studying at the university although not taking up residence there. The Emperor will start a three-year course on Theology and Religious Studies next week after formal enrolment on Wednesday.

Autumn starts in Austenasia as university approaches

12 September 2013 Leave a comment

His Imperial Majesty the Emperor has announced the beginning of the autumn of 2013 in the Austenasian calendar.

The announcement of the official change of season, a prerogative first exercised by the Throne in November 2008 but only found in law since September 2009, was made by Emperor Jonathan I over Skype earlier today to several government members.

Next week, the Emperor will start a three year course in Theology at the University of Roehampton. He will be living in accommodation at the university, but will travel back to the Imperial Residence several times a month, the university being less than seven miles away from Wrythe. He will be attending Roehampton University with Countess Eritoshi, who will not be living there but will instead travel from Thanasia on British public transport.